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Getting to know yourself and your team.

The first step to a happier and healthier work environment is getting to know the people that make up that environment, engage the leaders that ultimately drive the strategies, and understand how to create a strong foundation for working together.

Behaviors Assessment


DISC is the most popular and widely used tool to measure human behavior.  Created by William Moulton Marston in 1928, it’s used to determine which core behavioral styles an individual exhibits. DISC assess HOW we act in our environment and how others view us in our environment.  

Commonly used for : Personal growth, improved communication and  building effective teams

Motivators Assessment


Many of us have a hard time articulating what we need to be happy in both life and work.  Our 12 Driving Forces assessment takes away the mystery.  Based on the esteemed research of  Eduard Spranger, we can help you understand the “why” behind your actions, and create a more harmonious and effective environment.

Commonly used to: Increase employee engagement, Understand team needs, improve team culture and provide personal motivation

Emotional Intelligence


It surprises many people to know that the very best research today tells us that emotions, not logic, are at the heart of human decision making.  High EQ individuals outperform low EQ 2 to 1.  On average, people with high EQ earn far more money than those with low EQ.  High emotional intelligence can help create authentic happiness in both life and work.  Its no wonder virtually all of our clients measure the collective EQ of their organizations.

Commonly used to: Develop leaders, engage teams and personal growth development