The Adventurous Travel  RDH 

You've got options when you are traveling far from home! Whether you want furnished housing provided for you or a housing stipend to find your own place instead, the choice is yours! You may find that Dental Explorer Network housing is best for one assignment while the housing stipend works better for another. It's okay to switch between housing options from assignment to assignment.  

Choose The DEN housing and we'll find you the perfect place.

If you'd rather have one less thing to worry about, this is the option for you. You'll get a nice place to live without having to lift a finger yourself.

Take the housing stipend instead and do it yourself.

You may want to choose a location that is between work and somewhere fun. In Colorado, it is up to you if you would like to stay near the ski slopes or the big city.

If you enjoy house or apartment hunting or already have your housing set before you being an assignment, choosing the housing stipend might be your best option. 

What does The DEN offer?


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The DEN Travel RDH



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Take a leap! Your adventure awaits you here in Colorado.

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