The DEN Study Club

We are committed to putting forth continuing education courses from dental experts in our industry to elevate dental professionals across the United States. 

Interested in being consider as a DEN Speaker?

Alyssa Aberle MBA RDH,

Silver Diamine Fluoride: Back to the Future

Amanda Hill BSDH, RDH

Curiosity Revived the Cat: Digging into the most important trait for patient
communication and career fulfillment

Jill Meyer-Lippert RDH

Making the Mouth-Body Connection in Cancer Care

Joy Raiske

Utilizing Lazers in Your Perio Program

Kathy Forbes

What is the CDT Procedure Code for a Cleaning?  Oh Wait! There IS no “Cleaning” code!

Stephanie Botts RDH, BSDH, CEAS

Perfect Posture Mechanics

Susan Cotten

Oral Cancer Screening: “It’s more than grasping the tongue”

Angela Grover MA, BASDH, RDH

Childhood Food Insecurity: Fighting for the Future

LinkedIn- Angela Grover

Cindy Purdy RDH, CEAS

Every Choice Matters: Strategies and Insights into Dental Ergonomics

Kimmi Herrera BSDH, OMT RDH, 

 Myofunctional Therapy in Children

Dr. Trudy Frazer

Five Things I Wish My Dentist Would Have Told Me

Carol Freeman BS, RRT, LMT

The Female Brain on Stress

Diane Mullins 

Suicide Prevention Training


Caitlin Parsons 


Maximize Your Potential: Ergonomic & Therapeutic Yoga for Dental Professionals

Janiece C. Ervin RDH, BSDH, CWWS

Thyroid 101: The Butterfly Effect